There are no opportunities to get cash out at the event. There should be little need other than if you need to purchase some merchandise or $5 to replace your stein if it breaks / is lost. There are ATMs located on O'Connell St and next to the Adelaide Oval.

You are welcome to bring them on site and use them for your own personal use. You cannot use them to film or video record any live performances on any stage or your equipment will be confiscated for the duration of the event. Long-lens / professional cameras are not permitted into the event unless by prior arrangement. Mobile phones with the ability to record are permitted.

Strictly not allowed. It is an 18+ event. Event staff will confiscate illegal identification and hand it over to the police.

A Cloak Room is available at the Beer Garden Bar. No valuables can be left there (eg. wallets / phones / cameras) and only small to medium sized closed, zippered bags or day packs will be accepted (eg. no loose items of clothing such as coats / jumpers and preferably no plastic / shopping carry bags). The Cloak Room will close at 5pm sharp on Sunday 8th of October and items are left there are at your own risk. The Event Manager takes no responsibility for items left behind when the event ends. If you leave an item there after this time, please e-mail marksenfest@gmail.com or send our Facebook page a private message and we will do our best to respond as soon as we can.

There are disabled toilets available in close proximity to the main stage. Whilst there are some stairs, disabled access is available throughout the event.

There are a number of water stations set up around the event, as well as water available at the bars, so simply fill your stein with water in between your beer or cider. Otherwise you are welcome to bring in full/SEALED plastic bottles of water.

Strictly not permitted at Marksenfest or at St Mark's College. You will be ejected immediately and reported to the police that will be walking through the event throughout the day. Marksenfest is also a smoke-free zone (see 'Smoking').

Marksenfest takes steps to do whatever is possible to minimise the damage to our tennis courts and look after the comfort and well-being of the audience. We have qualified First Aid Officers on site should you need anything.

We always have fully qualified First Aid Officers on site throughout the day. Additionally, the Marksenfest Committee are all trained in Emergency First Aid (look out for our staff shirts). See the site plan for the location: it is located to the west of the main stage in the Newland building foyer.

We will have the BBQ going at 11am right through until the end so you must take advantage of it throughout the day. Additionally, there is ice-cream, fairy floss, popcorn and jam donuts for you to indulge on. We are also vegetarian and gluten free friendly! Premium beers and ciders on tap, a Red Frogs hydration station, non-alcoholic options, various water stations and water available behind all of the bars.

Please report any lost property to the Beer Garden Bar. If you leave items there after this time, please e-mail marksenfest@gmail.com or send our Facebook page a private message and we will do our best to respond as soon as we can.

Check out our 'MarksenStore' so you are all ready for the day. Any remaining merchandise will be available on the day so bring your money.

Whilst Marksenfest is on private property, however there are a number of important permanent residents that live in the area. It is vital for the event to continue to respect the local community and environment. If walking in residential areas please keep the noise down. Do not litter, use rubbish bins or hold onto your litter until you find a bin. Please use the toilets provided and plan ahead so you don't get caught short of a toilet. Police will be present periodically and at the conclusion of the event.

Animals (except guide dogs), any glass (bottles, containers, glasses etc.), weapons, umbrellas, fireworks, flame-twirling items, alcohol or illicit substances, chairs, tents or shades. Please note that professional camera equipment is not permitted on site without prior permission.

Sunday 9th of October: Gates open at 11am - 5:30pm (NOTE: Bar service ends at 5:00pm).

Pass outs will NOT be available at any time for the festival.

The event programs are developed between March-September each year. If you would like to express interest please e-mail marksenfest@gmail.com.

Our security guards will accept the following forms of identification:

1/ Current valid Australian driver's license (with photo)
2/ Current passport
3/ Government issued proof of age card
4/ International driver's license (with photo)

Student identification will not be accepted. If you lose your ID, get it replaced ASAP. You must have valid ID to enter the festival as this is a legal requirement. Even with a valid ticket, you will not be admitted without ID.

1,500 people attend Marksenfest and it's an 'on-the-move' crowd, so please understand that you cannot reserve a spot. Generally speaking it is a 'stand up and dance' crowd. Some benches, walls, bean bags and luscious grass will be available so please take advantage of those where you can!

There are plenty of them and they are friendly. At the gates, security will check your bags for items you are not allowed to bring (See 'NOT TO BRING'). Alcohol cannot be removed from the event, so finish your steins before exiting (and take them with you). Security will keep an eye out for, filming of live performances and any anti-social behaviour in the crowd. SA Police will be making several appearances throughout the day and will be present at the end of the event. Anyone in the event MUST have a valid wristband. Please do not try and jump the fence to get in - people have been seriously injured and anyone without a valid wristband will be removed from the event.


They must be worn at all times, but can include, sandals, thongs. As long as the base of your shoe has something you are fine.

We would like our patrons to be mindful of their health and the health of their fellow festival goers by NOT smoking inside the event. St Mark's College is a smoke-free zone. If you do smoke, PLEASE respect the people around you and only smoke outside the grounds of St Mark's.  This year we will have a smokers area outside the front of the gates which security will monitor.Do not smoke when in any crowd and use a butt bin or a portable ashtray when you butt out. If you are a smoker please help us by following these simple rules and avoid tense situations with your fellow Marksenfesters! Smoking of illicit substances is not permitted inside or outside of Marksenfest. 

Before or after the festival, please send the organisers an e-mail at marksenfest@gmail.com or let us know in person. We appreciate positive and negative feedback.

Valid ID, Ticket with QR Code (we will scan it), Marksenfest Bucket Hat/Cap, Sunscreen and Clothing suitable for the weather.

Every year we order more toilets to meet the demand and we are always well above the minimum legal requirements. We also have onsite cleaners throughout the day who will refill the water and toilet paper. Please give them space and try to keep the toilets in a satisfactory condition. Toilets are in every area so familiarise yourselves with the Site Plan so you can avoid the queues!

Please see the 'Volunteers' tab above and fill in the form if you are interested.

We hope it is sunny (not too hot so you avoid burning, but not too cold that we need our jumpers!) Watch this space and our Facebook page and we will keep you posted closer to the date.

Do not remove your wristband until Marksenfest is finished. Lost wristbands will not be replaced.